Sunday, April 15, 2012

"The Social Network," A Gallimaufry of Views

Senior Circuit Judge Selya wrote within CONNECTU LLC v. Zuckerberg, 522 F. 3d 82 that: "The seeds of the global controversy were sown in a Harvard College dormitory room. Tyler Winklevoss, Cameron Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra (the Founders), then Harvard undergraduates, hatched the idea of creating a social networking website for college students."

For those that believe that "the law" is boring, I posit that the opposite is true. If the law was as boring as some think, then what was all the excitement surrounding the movie "The Social Network?"
 The movie says the same thing that the above judge says, the difference being, the judge only took a few pages to relate what he believed to be the facts of the matter before him and the other appellate judges.  According to ChaCha the movie took 121 minutes to tell it's version of the story. 
 Yet one digging a little deeper into the makings of the move would find that it is based upon Ben Mezrich's book "The Accidental Billionaires." (Maybe it's just me, but "accidental" and "billionaires" sit funny in the same sentence. You may slip onto the idea, but hard work takes it to that level.)  But that's what Mr. Mezrich called his book.  It is said that he was able to get material for the book from  Eduardo Saverin, but Mr. Saverin broke off contact with this author after he settled the case with Zuckerberg.
 As an outsider looking in I'd have to say the Mr. Saverin left Mezrich hanging. I guess the saying "money will make people change"  appears to hold true, but in Mr. Saverin's defense I could further say that maybe there was a stipulation within the settlement that caused him to take those actions. The movie seems to support this theory as well.

To find out if the above is true, you'll have to sit through the entire 121 minutes of the movie.  Then again, if you listen to those that say the law is boring you won't bother right? Why watch a boring movie based upon the application of law.  Who are we kidding, you seen this movie already, and now you're making plans to watch it again or...
 You can read judge Selya's opinion and get the legal history of the formation of the giant we now know as Facebook. Or, then again you may choose to read Mr. Mezrich's book, which is based on his research, and facts related to him by one of the parties with direct connections to the birth of Facebook.

By whatever means that you've heard the story, we all know that Facebook has changed the face of  advertising, marketing, and above all that thing we call "social networking" itself.
So within the above you have the Gaming Oracle's hodgepodge of views as to the beginnings of that entity we all know and love as "The Facebook."  Yeah I know drop the "The."  But, nobody told judge Selya to drop "gallimaufry" and just say "hodgepodge" so it's all good.

Thanks for viewing, and tell a friend or two if your so moved.
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