The "Gaming Oracle Observer" is:

  • A blog where the "Gaming Oracle" shares what he has observed.
  • A growth product of the Gaming Oracle's desire to expand and sometimes step outside the bounds of gaming, gaming laws, and the law in general. 
  • Gaming Oracle's two cents on just about everything under the sun. 
Point three sums it all up in a nutshell, but most bloggers are afraid to put it out there in such a manner. But, that's why you and I read blogs in the first place. We all want to keep in touch with whats going on in the world, knowing that no one individual can be in all places to know all. 

So we must turn to the news, magazines, and the internet to find new and fresh "takes" on all the things happening in the world. I will strive to bring you my "take" on all that I see, hear about, and discover. 

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for viewing,
Gaming Oracle Observer