Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go Paint A Porch

I'll be the first to admit that my vision has deteriorated somewhat since I've become addicted to blogging.  But guess what I found a great outlet.

Yes, you rocket scientist already know, and the title of this blog sort of gave the secret away.  So if you ever find yourself in need of a break from you computer screen, "Go Paint A Porch."
 STOP! Conundrum #1, do porches still exist, or is that thing I'm painting considered my front yard deck? Hmm? Conundrum #2, why am I painting in the first place, don't they have painters that do that?  Lastly, why didn't I solve the problem the old fashion way with some careful planning, by way of having offspring that I could assign the chore of painting the porch? Double, even triple Hmm?
 In this day and age the first two problems are easily solve by the number one answer solution on the planet today.  Do porches still exist, and are there painters out there that will paint them for a fee? Google it! No, I won't  be waiting this time while you sort through the pages upon pages of matches, and that's just on your google search.
 In response to the third conundrum above, please.  You can't assign kids chores anymore.  We all know, but hate to admit it.  First you'd have to sell them on the idea that it's not a punishment.  That way they won't call the local Department of Family Services on you.

Next you'd have to actually go out and show them how to use sandpaper, scrappers, and a hammer.  Then after you're so fed up with the mess that they are intentionally making to get out of the job, you finally send them up to their room, and you wind up finishing the job your doing by yourself anyway.

But, you see that how things progress now-a-days, I could have told you a about a child that kept lamenting, "oh please don't send me to my room, I wanna paint the porch."  But, those of us baby boomers would see through that scam, because we learned that in the children's tale of Peter Rabbit, "oh please don't throw me in the briar patch."
 So, I guess I win, because I'm getting my break, just so happens I only have one child, and I enjoy the manual labor anyway.  There I said it, "manual labor," what a dreaded word to those not wishing to get their keyboard punchers dirty. 

My viewers know that I could go on and on this for day's but it's 6:39AM, the coffee is ready and I only have a few hours left till the morning dew dries and I can get back to painting the front deck.  Don't knock it till you try it, and if your blessed with kid's, it's a great thing the family can do together.  So, "Go Paint a Porch."

Thanks for viewing,
Gaming Oracle's Observer!

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