Friday, April 20, 2012

Cooperating, Who Do You Like?

I'm no expert, I don't have a degree in psychology. I did get a "B" in Psychology 101 and an "A" in Philosophy 101, but again I'm no expert, and I could only hope to share my own beliefs.

What about a six-month old infant?  Can he of she share his or her beliefs?  Not just the usual, I'm hungry, wet, or frustrated because this parent figure is failing to grant my every desire.  Well they can, and I'm about to share with you how I know this for a fact.
 I saw an amazing video that shows we are born wanting to be among or like to associate with those that are like us.  Not like us in all physical attributes, but preferring those that cooperate like us, like what we like and so on.

The researcher's have conducted their study and appear to present their data and conclusions form a religious stand point.  I found this video to be quite interesting. Why?  Well for one, the study was conducted at Yale University, here in the United State of America.
 Respecting the fact that the researchers, while attempting to be as neutral as possible, they themselves must admit that this research can not walk the tight-rope of being completely neutral. The researchers themselves admit in the video that their findings are useful in the realms of religion, race, and other social behaviors.

The most compelling observation for this writer was in watching the six-month-olds choosing to interact with characters and objects they perceived as cooperative.  Well if we are talking six-month-olds, I'll guess we must say, perceived as willing to "play nice."
 To watch these six-month-old children dispel any thought that we are born with prejudice's is amazing.  The saying: "from the mouth's of babes" is a little miss place here, because the babes never utter a word, and their actions tell the whole story.

Watch the video, then see if you too, don't wonder what happens to us as we get older.  Better yet, why do some cling to such un-natural feelings and beliefs. It's never too late to get back to that state.  Maybe this internet venue can help us get there by open up the world, seeing more people cooperating and wanting change like we do.
 I like the babes in this video, how about you?

Thanks for viewing,
Gaming Oracle's Observer!

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