Thursday, April 5, 2012

Don't Insult Us With The Truth

I read an interesting article on the Trayvon Martin case, that was posted on Diggs within their "Newroom."  The article was entitled "George Zimmerman killing TrayvonMartin has ruined what little reputation Sanford, Fla. had."

Within this article the comments make mention of the NAACP, and how they are fanning the racial tension in this town. I have commented on this post to the affect that I disagree if a group just seeks to embarrass and individual, organization, government, or entity, in the name of causing pressure to have that individual or entity do what the one causing embarrassment wants.
 I believe that the truth, and nothing but the truth is just that-the truth.  If that cause you embarrassment, so be it, but it is still the truth. Now what I think is happening with the Martin case is that the people are having the truth come out and they are able to see it, but nothing is being done about it so the frustration is building.
 Put a half peeled banana in front of a monkey, wait a minute, let him smell it, and then when he reaches for it slap the shit out of him. Try it three time if you dare because it is almost guaranteed that by the second or third time that monkey will lash out at you because his brain is saying "I smell the banana and this idiot put it in front of me,(TRUTH in monkey perception lets call it).

You'd be hard pressed to find those that wouldn't say you deserved every bit of the ass whipping the monkey gave you. So that's one of the reasons we have a justice system, so that the truth came be ascertained and justice meted-out, and no one has to be taunted by being victimized nor tortured in their punishment when it is found that they are  a  victimizer.
 Well that's how the article struck me, and I fell qualified as I am experiencing the same frustrations dealing with revealing the injustice exacted upon me. Rather that attempting to embarrass the wrongdoers by slander, I have chosen to let the truth speak for it self at

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