Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Law and No News Makes You Know...

Yeah, yeah, I know some of you out they may be a bit restless of all my yapping about Judge Hillman this, Judge Williams that, so to add a little variety I've decided to offer "Gaming Oracle's Observer.

Every now and then I do get a chance to partake in other aspects of life as we know it. I see, read, and hear other things.  Some interesting, some not so interesting.  Wait, wait-I'm not setting out to bore you to death or hit you over the head with regurgitated clippings of the works of others.
Nor will I request your views and then have you stumble upon some pictures I've of my thumb just taken on my antiquated cell phone. The same passion that I offer in sharing my civil action at "the casino gaming oracle," I hope to continue in that same vein here. I will offer you links to articles I find interesting and hope that you enjoy them too, but I will further attempt to insert my own take on the article before passing it on to you.

I have come to enjoy this venue and with the advent of G+ I am now looking forward to interacting with you the viewer, so I will be asking for you opinions and comment as well. Not just "lol," or cute, but then again a long drawn out dissertation will not be required as well. Let's just say good feedback and or conversation.
Be fore warned, I am not one to sit in front of this screen hour upon hour so it may take a few click's for me to get back with you, I do go to the bathroom or leave the house every now and then. I'm going to be adding some music to read by when I get a chance. I like to read while listening to jazz or classical music, is that cool with you?

I'm also working on another project wherein I hope to link together what people around the world are doing, but let's get this off the ground first. Are you with me?
If you are Holla in the comment box below. (That means respond and or comment below, I'm trying not to go over the hill yet)  Oh, I'm gonna try for daily post but if life calls I may be a day or two off, and my regular viewers know how I do on the weekends.

Thanks as always, tell everybody and enjoy!
EDH a/k/a Gaming Oracle!

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