Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blast From the Past or School Bias?

While working on one of my new projects, "I Do We Do," I was introduced to a story about a 13 year old girl that was persecuted for her essay on Frederick Douglass.

Be fore warned that this story is nothing more than "Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactic's (JSHIT)" on the part of the school that this young lady attended. For those not familiar with the acronym, you may want to read the two part articles on the Casino Gaming Oracles blog.  The articles are respectively entitled "JSHIT: Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics" and "JSHIT: Corruptions Acrimonious Acronym."
 Whether you refer to the above article first or read the story on 13 year old Jada Williams, I'm quite sure you will agree that the conduct exhibited by the school amounts to nothing less than a corrupt attempt to conceal bias. The article does a wonderful job of detailing the events, it is titled "13-Year-Old Jada Williams persecuted over her essay on Frederick Douglass."
 Please after reading the article take action and make to the call to the school, so that they no that this type of behavior is not going un-noticed. Here is a link to a pdf version of the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, by Frederick Douglass.

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